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Today is Folksy Friday! This is pretty exciting me, as I love Folksy. This is a website run by a small team in Sheffield, which provides a platform for people to buy and sell handmade or designed work from independent designers and makers.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: aren’t there already other sites that do this? Well, to a certain extent, yes. However, Folksy is special because it only features items handmade in the UK, meaning you know you’re getting an item someone has spent time and patience learning the skills to make, coming up with the concept for and then actually creating for you. Crafters on Folksy usually do a happy dance whenever you buy something from there (or even if you just let them know you admire something!)

Such a fabulous bird! (Copyright C Dove 2017)

But what’s Folksy Friday? Well, today is a day to celebrate all the sellers on Folksy. I’ve therefore decided to show you some of the items I’ve found on a theme I love: robins! Please follow the link to see my collection of Folksy robin pins on my Pinterest page.

I’ll be adding lots of lovely new listings to my Folksy shop over the next couple of days so please check back regularly. The first is this lovely pair of amethyst shade UK lampwork bead earrings.

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