I love to use high quality, beautiful beads to make interesting and fascinating jewellery that is never dull. I particularly enjoy playing with colour and texture to create exciting pieces that you'll just love to wear. Please note that I trade solely within the UK.

Handmade lampwork beads

Many of my designs use lampwork beads. The UK is home to a wealth of talented, creative individuals who handmake fabulous, unique beads with love that just beg to be made into exciting pieces.

Semi precious stones

The infinate variety of colours and variations in the natural world produces an amazing set of treasures for the jeweller to include in their collections. I love to take inspiration from the tones and hues in the stones I use and explore and enhance them in the supporting beads I use within a piece.

Swarovski crystal beads

In some cases, only the very best will do. No other crystal bead has the same stunning dazzling effect as genuine Swarovski crystals.

Japanese seed beads

When beadweaving, I generally use Miyuki glass seed beads in my designs, although I occasionally use Toho beads. These are both quality Japanese beads that give excellent results.


The majority of my pieces use Sterling Silver findings; in every case, the weight used falls under the Exemption Weight where hallmarking is required (see the Hallmarking Dealer's Notice for further details).

Also, I sometimes use gold (and rose gold) filled findings. This material is also known as rolled gold and is made by mechanically bonding gold to a base metal such as brass or copper, which are cheaper but also more durable metals. Many people with sensitive skin often find rolled gold findings more comfortable than cheaper gold plated findings to wear, although you may wish to proceed with caution.

For more information, please visit the British Hallmarking Council website.



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